Devine / Devine Designs (from GTA Community)

-Extensive Moral support, motivation and ideas for DFA since day 1.
-Was the first person to ever ask about DFA   (on the first day it was made).
-A TON of references, ideas and more that made it into DFA.
-About Half of the 400 configs were either made by Devine or was made with his assitassistance.
-Showing me original GM brochures, order guides and more info that helped the devdevelopment of DFA.
-Showing me ALL SORTS of cool shit from the 90s that is already in DFA, and will come in the future.
-Much more - Devine is essentially the lifeblood of this mod and it wouldn't be here without him.


-Created Toolbox, Transfer Tank, Headache Rack, Dually Tailgate & more

Some of his models aren't being used anymore due to me updating them but he still deserves the full credit because DFA wouldn't have had the "A" part without him.


-Gave me permission to use & modify various code from the Vertext for functions such as: 

working radio, working mirror compass, the door-open domelight and probably more that i'm forgetting.

War Daddy

-Created Oil PSI & Voltage LUA
-Showed me how to calibrate props / gauges


-The ideas to make a website, creating the template and general website work

-Made Merch Store

-Created about 50% of the 400-specific decals

Shados my beloved

-Created 85% of the skins in DFA
-Being based and a really good friend throughout the devdevelopment.


-Created a few jbeams, including the pre-0.28 openable doors.


-Designed the Gavril Logo used in DFA
-Designed the  Cat G71  Decals
-Designed various other Decals/Logos and etc


-Gave me permission to use his mudflaps (Which have since been redone by me but thanks to him)


-Created RanchHand Bumper, Cat GLD bumpers & more model related stuff

Nikki (from GTA Community)

-Gave me permission to use & modify his Service Bed model (which he provided)

Avant (from GTA Community)

-Gave me permission to use & modify a few of his gmt400 parts (which he provided)


-Gave me permission to use his "Dice & Trees" mod from the repo in DFA

RockStar Games

-Most "trash/junk" props are taken from GTA 4/5 and modified for my use (including new textures) Although a good bit of them were made from scratch. GTA has a great prop selection so thanks rockstar.


-Created Key Chime code for DFA
-Created Working Wiper code for DFA
-Created Camshaft LUA 


-Created JBeam for the Cat Extendo Mirrors


-Remodeled Late 400 dash for non-airbag version


-Provided various models which consist of: 

-Early 400 Salvador Door Panels
-Random carb (unused)
-800 GLD fascia parts/bumpers
-800 Early cat fascia parts/bumpers


-Made the JBeams for the Openable Service Bed doors

Me - iRetr0x

-Everything Else

If ANYONE was forgotten, please contact me imediimmediately.